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Do I need to be a member of USA Dance to compete at Wasatch Classic?

Yes. For events that are Qualifying events, each dancer must be a current member of USA Dance.


Most competitors will select from the following options: 

College age - Amateur Dancesport Student $25 

Youth (under 18) - Amateur Dancesport Minor $20

Link to registration: USA Dance Membership

Can dancers compete in USA Dance events if they have an NDCA membership?

Absolutely! We are excited to provide events that allow all dancers to compete anywhere they want. Krister Smits & Liza Shlimovich, who represented the USA at WDSF World Championships in Romania, Austria and Ukraine were also winners of a national title at the 2019 NDCA National Amateur Championships held at BYU.

How do I validate my USA Dance membership for the Wasatch Classic?

Once you have registered for USA Dance, please login to the account where you created your RIN to enter in your USA Dance membership number.  This will help us process you faster at the competition.


Link to login is here:

  • Select your dancer

  • Click on the "Memberships" tab and enter the membership number in the
    USA Dance box, click Validate USA.

How do I
qualify to

compete at Nationals?

Athletes have to qualify for each event they want to compete at Nationals. There are 3 ways to qualify in each event, only ONE needs to happen:

  • Placement in the top 3 couples for an NQE competition in a particular age, proficiency and style (e.g., 3rd place for Junior 2 Prechamp Standard)

  • Placement in the top 75% of an NQE competition where there are more than 3 couples in a single event

  • Participating in more than 1 NQE in the same age, proficiency and style (e.g., Adult Novice Rhythm)

Where can I find more information about other NQE's?

Information about remaining NQE's can be found on the USA Dance website
calendar here: NQE Events

WDSF Title Competition Grantings for

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